Student Council is a student run organization to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing school activities, events and service projects.
Student council also works to increase school spirit and serves as the voice of the student body.
Weekly meetings in Mrs. Ruppel’s classroom. If students are interested in applying to join they can reach out to me 😊


Tysen Camargo – President
Caroline Pitchlynn- President
Hannah Baxley – Vice President of Events
Briar Ramswell – Vice President of Spirit
Sela Orr- Vice President of Media
Maddison Loudermilk – Vice President of Records


Brackin Cobb
Hadleigh Winters
Briana Demeter
Annalyn King
Estella Scoma
Emerson Chandler
Grazielly Saravia
Elise Filipsky

Camilla Karimove
Naomi Vera Patoja
Madeline Delmas
Mia Urspurch
Emma Wagner
Lilliann McClean
Celina Sanchez
Mushira Housen
Evie Barkocy
James Campbell

Mia Casteneda
Tysen Camargo
Jared Cutts
Deshawn Ford
Kristianna Rowland
Paxton Hayward
James Aden
Eisley Ingram
Yasmin Vicente
Ebner Ingram
Sailor Parker


Mrs. Ruppel

Mrs. Sam Ruppel is an educator with a passion for student-centered instruction and hands-on learning experiences. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of education, Mrs. Ruppel is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of her students and is committed to enhancing her teaching skills and providing the best possible education for her students.
Mrs. Ruppel holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a focus on Social Sciences from the University of Alabama. She furthered her academic journey by obtaining a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of West Florida.
With a teaching career spanning six years, Mrs. Ruppel brings a wealth of classroom expertise to her role. Mrs. Ruppel started teaching in Escambia County, she then spent three years in Tampa, and is now thrilled to be back in the panhandle
Mrs. Ruppel is also an enthusiastic supporter of extracurricular activities. She is currently serving as a Student Council sponsor, guiding young leaders to make a positive impact within the school community. In the past, Mrs. Ruppel has also taken on the role of a cheerleading coach, promoting teamwork, discipline, and school spirit among her students. Mrs. Ruppel has also held multiple leadership roles such as 11th/12th Grade Team Lead and Assistant Testing Coordinator.
One of Mrs. Ruppel’s primary teaching philosophies is a dedication to student-centered instruction. She believes in tailoring her teaching methods to meet the individual needs of each student, fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter and igniting a passion for learning. By incorporating hands-on learning activities into her lessons, Mrs. Ruppel ensures that her students are actively engaged in their education, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Outside of school, Mrs. Ruppel can be found spending time with her husband, Coach Garrett Ruppel, teacher and boys basketball coach here at DHS, and their two cats, Roscoe and Rue. Mrs. Ruppel is an active reader, fan of college football (specifically the Crimson Tide) and energetic beach goer.