Destin High School Science Fair Winners 2024

During fall semester 150 of Destin high school honors and AP students conducted independent research projects. Students conduct experiments of their own design, based on their own interests, and then present their findings and processes to professional scientists and engineers at the regional level in pursuit of an opportunity to compete at state and international levels. The judging portion of the science fair incorporated interviews for exhibitors with the professional scientists and engineers who served as Judges.

The discussion of the project, suggestions, questions, and ideas, plus the opportunity for the Judges to become aware of the student’s interest in professional fields, are some of the important outcomes of the personal interviews. The judging session also exposed students to role models in the disciplines in which they are interested. Students are required to describe their projects in the vocabulary of the discipline and, thereby, grow increasingly articulate with the challenge and practice. Ideally, the student grows academically by encountering ideas from professionals.

Our students studied chromatography, water quality, beach erosion, rates of dissolution, percent composition, and so much more. The top winners from each category had the opportunity to enter the Okaloosa-Walton Regional Science Fair. On Feb 12th at the FWB fairgrounds students competed against students from other high schools in both Okaloosa and Walton County.

The competition was intense as our students competed against other students that have been entering the science fair since they were in 6th grade. State nominations are selected based on the student’s overall points and score within the entire fair, not just their category. There may not be a first place from each category and not every first place will be a state nominee.

These students were recognized for their hard work and success in the Okaloosa-Walton Science and Engineering Fair:


Freshman Ryan Neau 3rd Place “In Bloom”


Freshman Elle Taylor 2nd Place “Test the H20”

Sophomore Caitlin Smith 3rd Place “Cocoa Counts”

Environmental Sciences

Sophomore Olivia Allen 1st Place “Gone with the Wind”

Sophomore Reagan Reiker 2nd Place “What’s in the Water?”

Freshman Caden Veach Florida Association of Science Teachers Cash Award and 3rd Place “Pods in Heat: The effects of water temperature on dissolution”

Olivia Allen will continue to the state level competition, SSEF, in Lakeland, Florida on April 1-5! The State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida is a three-day display of science project exhibits prepared by aspiring scientists and engineers in grades six through twelve. More than 900 Finalists display projects illustrating their research in competition of awards. She and I will travel to the competition where awards such as four years of college and cash prizes. Olivia has the chance to win a full ride scholarship to a university in the state of Florida and many other awards.

Many students have already started researching their project for next year and are excited to get started for next year’s competition.

We are extremely proud of their hard work and dedication.