Mike Parker
Mike ParkerFishing
Capt. Mike Parker is a 30+ yr. Destin Fisherman and Charter boat Captain.  He owned and operated the charter boat Silver King in Destin for over 20 years.  The Silver King is now owned & operated by Capt. Alex Hare who started fishing with Capt. Mike when he was 12 years old!
Capt. Mike’s vision to help raise up a new generation of Captains and Deckhands has come to fruition at Destin High School with a Fishing Class as a Career Elective covering salt and fresh water fishing, boating, and the marine industry.   
First and second year classes are designed to cover Destin’s Fishing History, Florida Fish & Wildlife Regulations with all the different species including Sharks and how to catch them.  They also learn different fishing and rope knots & learn CPR.  Additionally field trips and fishing trips add to the handson learning experience.
Third and fourth year semesters of learning will include apprenticeships and intern programs.  These programs will provide hands on training from several different Destin Charter boat Captains that will help train them in the charter boat fishing industry.  Deck training for all types of fishing, electronics, engine & boat maintenance and more will be taught.  AlsoLegendary Marine and Todd Royall will be working hand in hand with the students providing training with outboard motors, boat detailing, canvasing, fiber glassing, boat sales, and financing and marketing for starting a business.
There are Destin Captains in the sailing boat industry who are also willing to work with students who have an interest in this field.  
If you want to learn more about fishing, boating, and the marine industry and possibly want to enter this field as a career, this is a great opportunity for a young high school student.
Email:  parkerm@destinhigh.org