NOTE: Our dedicated team of curriculum and education specialists is diligently working to finalize our course offerings. We will offer several tracks, including a standard track, advanced/AP track, and a Cambridge/AICE track. 

Why Destin High School? It’s everything you wanted and more!


  • Several curriculum tracks/options just like other high schools
  • Follow same educational standards as all Florida high schools
  • WILL have a collegiate and dual enrollment option
  • WILL offer STEMM/STEAM courses
  • WILL have honors/advanced classes


  • Cambridge/AICE track students WILL graduate with a 2-year degree
  • Cambridge/AICE track students WILL graduate with a Bright Futures 4-year paid tuition


  • WILL have sports from day one: Basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball/softball, tennis, golf, swimming, archery, cross country/track, cheer/dance, band
    • We are working on an afternoon bus or shuttle from DHS to FWBHS for students to participate in sports we won’t yet offer


  • Highest caliber educators and staff with a principal selected from a nation-wide search
  • Low student/teacher ratio
  • More teacher time


  • Shorter commute
  • Later start time


  • We WILL have “Power Hour” – a school-wide open hour used for lunch, meeting with teachers, tutoring, working on projects, relaxing… whatever the students need
  • We WILL incorporate “hands-on learning” where the student engages with the subject matter and learns by doing rather than just listening or watching
  • We WILL have partnerships with various companies and organizations to ensure cutting-edge course material from industry experts in fields including science and arts


Apply Now: first application period ends February 15th

Students will be notified between February 16th and 22nd of their application status.
They will then have one week to accept their seat and confirm their attendance.

After the confirmation period, any available seats will reopen for new applications.