Request for Proposal (RFP): Comprehensive IT Services for Destin High School

RFP Issue Date: Oct 31, 2023Proposal Submission Deadline: December 17, 2023

 1. Introduction:

Destin High School (“the School”) is currently accepting proposals for the establishment of a comprehensive IT system to support its educational operations, serving approximately 800 students and 60 faculty and staff members. The School seeks a vendor capable of providing a turnkey solution that encompasses hardware setup, software integration, network management, cybersecurity, ongoing maintenance, Florida public and federal law compliance governing schools, e-rate funding support, and user support.

 2. General Information:

  • RFP Coordinator: Donald Williams, Executive Director,
  • School’s Principal: Ms. Christine Cruickshank
  • Institution Type: Charter School

3. Timeline:

  • RFP Release Date: October 31, 2023
  • Last Day for Questions: November 17, 2023
  • Proposal Due Date: December 17, 2023
  • Anticipated Decision Date: December 30, 2023
  • Contract Term: December 2023 to June 2025

4. Submission Guidelines:

Proposals must be submitted in PDF format and sent to no later than 11:59 PM on December 17, 2023. The subject line of the email should read “Destin High School IT Services Proposal.”

5. Scope of Work:

The selected vendor will be responsible for:

a. Infrastructure Setup:

  • Installation and maintenance of secure wired and wireless network infrastructure.
  • Setup, installation, and maintenance of all workstations, interactive whiteboards, projectors or similar equipment, printers/copiers and other IT related equipment including but not limited to, VOIP phones, and network cameras.
  • Server installation, configuration, and maintenance for Cisco Meraki hardware systems.

b. Software and Systems:

  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of educational and administrative software and cloud-based interfaces.
  • Integration with existing School Information Systems.
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance of student visitor systems
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance of digital signage systems
  • Systems for secure communication among staff, students, and parents (including Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365 cloud environment).

c. Cybersecurity Measures:

  • Implementation and maintenance of, anti-virus, and content filtering solutions.
  • Regular security audits and recommendations for improvements.
  • Staff and student training on cybersecurity best practices.

d. Data Management:

  • Solutions for secure data storage and backup.
  • Compliance with data protection regulations (e.g., FERPA, Sunshine law, HIPPA where applicable, etc…).
  • Disaster recovery plan.
  • Compliance with state and federal law (including background checks for all employees who will work in the school).

e. User Support and Training:

  • Helpdesk support for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Onsite support for critical issues.
  • Regular onsite support for day-to-day operations, as needed.
  • Regular training sessions for staff on new technology or software updates.

f. Virtual CIO Services

  • Provide consultation and recommendations to the executive director regarding all IT services and plans.

g. Equipment and Software Maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance schedule for all hardware and software.
  • Prompt updates and patch installations.
  • Proposed lifecycle plan for all IT equipment in the school including proposals for student and staff workstations, and network equipment.


h. IT Assessment Deliverables

  • Bi-annual Full Network Assessment
  • Quarterly Security Scorecard
  • Quarterly Google Workspace and M365 Scorecard
  • Annual IT Financial Audit
  • Annual IT budget proposal
  • Annual Hardware Inventory
  • Annual Systems Analysis
  • Recommendation of IT RoadMap (i.e. annual lifecycle)
  • Bi-annual Executive Report & Presentation for executive director and governing board
  • Create an e-rate Technology scope and plan
  • Monthly on-site assessment of the school campus and IT equipment

6. Vendor Qualifications:

Vendors must provide:

  • History and background of the company.
  • Evidence of experience with similar projects, including references.
  • Team composition, including the experience of key personnel.
  • A statement of financial stability.
  • Proof of liability insurance and relevant certifications.
  • Proof of ability to meet background screening requirements required by law for any contractor who will work in the school.

7. Proposal Requirements:

Each proposal must include:

  • An executive summary of the proposed solution.
  • A detailed technical approach, covering all aspects of the scope of work.
  • A clear and itemized budget breakdown.
  • A project timeline with key milestones.
  • Proposed SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • Data protection and recovery strategies.
  • Case studies or examples of previous similar work.
  • Contact information for at least three references.

8. Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Completeness and professionalism of the submission.
  • Vendor’s experience and capability.
  • The innovativeness of the proposed solution.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Quality of the proposed support and SLAs.
  • Feedback from references and past performance with similar projects.
  • Compliance with cybersecurity, data protection standards and relevant law.

9. Terms and Conditions:

  • The School reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.
  • All proposals become the property of Destin High School.
  • Costs incurred in the preparation of the proposal are the vendor’s responsibility.
  • The School is not bound to accept the lowest bid and will consider value for money and service quality in its decision.

10. Inquiries:

All inquiries regarding this RFP must be submitted via email to by December 17, 2023. Responses to all inquiries will be compiled and sent to all prospective bidders.

Submission Confirmation:

Upon successful submission, bidders will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact the RFP Coordinator immediately.

Question & Answers

Question: “We are considering a response to your RFP, and I wanted to see if you would be receptive to a meeting to discuss the RFP and allow us to present about out solution after you receive our response?”
Answer: Yes, Destin High School is open to a meeting to discuss RFP proposals and or presentations after they are received. To schedule a time for a discussion or presentation, please send an email to: subject: IT Proposal Presentation Date Request

Question: What is the school looking for to satisfy “A statement of financial stability.”?

Answer: This is a letter or statement from your business that provides evidence or assurance of your entity’s financial solidity or strength. It could include items like audited financial statements, business credit reports, bank statements and reserves, or reviews from clients that have used you for a number of years indicating they continue to plan to use you contributing to your financial stability as a company.

The RFP is also being amended to add the following:


Amendment to RFP (November 3, 2023)

Scope of Work: Documentation Requirements

The vendor shall include in their proposal a comprehensive plan for the creation, delivery, and maintenance of the following documentation:

  • System Architecture Documentation
    • Network diagrams and comprehensive system architecture outlines.
    • Hardware and software interconnectivity maps.
  • Configuration Manuals
    • Detailed configuration guides for all implemented systems.
    • Troubleshooting steps and recovery procedures.
  • User Guides and Training Materials
    • Manuals for end-users covering all operational aspects of the hardware and software.
    • Training materials for different user groups, tailored to their specific use-cases.
  • Operational Procedures
    • Documented SOPs for routine and critical system operations.
  • Maintenance Schedules and Protocols
    • Detailed maintenance routines with periodicity and checklists.
    • Preventive maintenance and servicing guides.
  • Incident and Response Documentation
    • Incident detection, reporting guidelines, and response procedures.
    • Contact lists for support and escalation procedures.
  • Change Management Documentation
    • Processes for the initiation, approval, and implementation of system changes.
    • Change logs and historical records for system alterations.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Documentation
    • Documentation proving compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
    • Guidelines on how the IT systems align with these regulatory requirements.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
    • Documented strategies and actions for disaster recovery and business continuity.
    • Clear, actionable steps for various disaster scenarios.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Documentation
    • Clearly defined SLAs with performance metrics, monitoring, and compliance penalties.
  • Software and Hardware Inventory Documentation
    • Up-to-date inventory lists including all hardware and software components, versions, and licenses.

Each document should be provided in the required format (e.g., electronic, paper) and language as agreed upon. The vendor must also outline their process for updating the documentation throughout the term of the agreement to ensure continued accuracy and relevance.